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Gary Bartig's Outstanding Alumni Award 2015

Gary Bartig named Southeast Technical 2015 Outstanding Alumni

Gary with trustee Duane Benson and president Dr. Dorothy Duran
  Gary with MNSCU trustee Duane Benson and Southeast Technical president Dr. Dorothy Duran









G. Edward Lutherie Inc.
About Us

G. Edward Lutherie Inc. is the workshop and enterprise of Gary E. Bartig (G. Edward). As a master luthier and stringed instrument designer, Gary practices the art of Lutherie - the making and repair of stringed instruments.

What's in a Name?

The root of our web and email address - gelbass - is derived from the initials G. E. L. - for G. Edward Lutherie - plus the word "bass", since the Eminence Portable Upright Bass® was the sole product in the early days. Some customers call the Eminence their "Emmy" or "Gelbass"; others have given it such personal nicknames as "Skinny Minnie", "The Puppy House", and "Junior".

History of the Eminence Bass & G. Edward Lutherie Inc.

Much of the concept of the Eminence Portable Upright Bass® is owed to the gifted luthier, Scott Zumberg. He made the first prototype for an acoustic amplified portable bass in 1990. That bass, made for Patty Shove, is still gigging around the upper Midwest with Pete Mathison. After Scott's untimely death in 1993, Gary received permission from the Zumberg family to continue developing the portable bass concept.

As a result, Gary brought his background in music retailing, sound engineering, electronics, lutherie, and musicianship together in 1996 to establish G. Edward Lutherie Inc., with the purpose of perfecting what is now considered to be the preeminent portable upright in the bass world — the Eminence Portable Upright Bass®.

Due to his status as a respected luthier and musician, Gary has been fortunate to work with many top bass professionals during the development of the Eminence bass. He is indebted to them for their invaluable feedback and support over the years (with thanks especially to Mark Rubin).

Acoustic Electric Strings: Our New Subsidiary

Gary's success in designing the Eminence bass has led him to continue research and development of other fine acoustic and amplified instruments. Chief among these is the elegant, patented design of the Dahlia 5-string violin.

And in our latest venture - Acoustic Electric Strings - Gary has developed an internal piezo pickup which, when installed in our selection of superior quality yet affordable instruments, FAITHFULLY AMPLIFIES the acoustic tone of each instrument WITHOUT ALTERING the acoustic tone. Check out our website at AcousticElectricStrings.com for photos and audio clips!!

G. Edward Lutherie Today

G. Edward Lutherie continues to expand its offering of innovative instruments and accessories, and has grown to include the managerial and web expertise of Karen Bartig, Gary's wife and business partner.

Visit Us

Both shop and warehouse are located in Northeast Minneapolis. Gary is available by appointment only, so please call 800-741-3045 or 612-781-5799 to schedule a visit, or email us at info@gelbass.com. Gary will let you know whether shop or warehouse is more appropriate for your needs.

Our shop address is 537 36 ½  Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. Click on the first map below for directions.

Link to 537 36 ½  Ave. NE on Google Map

Our warehouse address (see second map below)
is 1620 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, Suite 232.
This is also our mailing/shipping address.

Link to 1620 Central Ave NE on Google Map



Gary with Missy Raines at IBMA
  Gary with Missy Raines at IBMA




Gary playing his Dahlia 5-String Violin
  Gary playing his Dahlia 5-String Violin




Karen and Gary at IBMA 2012
  Karen and Gary at IBMA 2012